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Developer: Alexis Deprez

Based on the rules of the famous "Werewolf" board game from Andrew Plotkin. This application can replace the game master. It manages all parts of the game; so you do not need anything else to play. You can play online against other players and bots.
Meet some friends and sit around your Android device. After entering players' names (with icon or photo), every player looks and remember his own role without revealing to others. Then the game can begin. The application announce the nightfall. All players close their eyes until their role is called, or until the entire village wakes up. When you are called, you open your eyes and interact with the application to use your powers. Werewolves eliminate a villager every night. After the village wakes up, players debate and vote to eliminate a player. Villagers seek to eliminate werewolves. The game ends when one of the two groups is the last survivor.
Game types:   - Classic: werewolves against villagers   - Contamination: an original wolf infects a player every night
Play with 14 roles!
Available in French, German an Spanish too.